Good things don’t come to those who wait. They come to those who GO GET IT! Punch Gunk, the makers of innovative, effective, and affordable health and wellness products using the best of science and nature,  is in search of true Go-Getters –  epic adventurers, endurance athletes, adrenaline addicts – who are in need of financial support to make their next big accomplishment come to life.

Punch Gunk is now accepting applications for the Go Get It Grant program.  Available to U.S. residents 18+ years old, this open fund of $2500 is up for grabs and no ask is too small. Whether you need a $25 permit fee or $1000 for a crucial piece of equipment, all applications will be considered regardless of the dollar amount requested. Here’s what we’re most interested in knowing about you as we make our selections for recipients: how will this grant help you keep inspiring others to overcome the challenges that life throws their way?

The ideal candidate will:

  • Request a grant amount between $1-2500
  • Be planning to participate in an athletic endeavor that will occur between June 2021 and March 2022
  • Have a unique story or background that showcases overcoming obstacles and rising above the emotional and physical challenges.
  • Have a record of training, preparing for and accomplishing high level athletic ventures.
  • Be actively training or preparing for the event that relates to your grant request
  • Be able and willing to share content such as videos, images, and written copy with Punk Gunk about your experience preparing for and completing your adventure to be shared on Punch Gunk’s marketing channels

Along with your grant, we’ll hook you up with Punch Gunk products to help you along the way.

The application period has begun and will close on Friday, May 21 Tuesday May 31st.  A group of finalists will be invited to interview with a panel of judges by May 24. Recipients will be announced and notified in June.